Do you believe that coding could provide you with a source of income? Here are all of the ways a freelance programmer can earn money.

Do you want to improve your coding abilities? Maybe you’ve looked into it already but aren’t sure what options are available? Or maybe you’ve been coding for a while and want to broaden your horizons.


Here’s the deal: programming is one of today’s most lucrative skills, with a plethora of creative ideas that can help you make some extra money. As a result, you can become your own boss if you put your mind to some of these ideas. Here are some money-making ideas for programmers to consider.

1. Freelancing

It can be difficult to work as a freelancer at times. If you use the right online freelancing platforms, have the right mindset, and know how to market yourself, you can get consistent gigs that pay the bills.

While looking for gigs in your neighborhood is a good idea, virtual gigs online have a number of benefits, including the ability to reach out to a larger number of clients. Furthermore, you can complete most online gigs without having to meet with the client in person. Here are some online freelancing ideas to get you started.

Make use of dedicated freelancing platforms.

Fortunately, a few excellent freelancing platforms for specific jobs, such as those where programmers can be hired online, have emerged. Freelancer, Fiverr, upwork


These platforms are now being used by businesses and individuals to complete tasks more quickly. Computer science students and researchers are also looking for freelance programmers to assist them with coding issues. Furthermore, they are prepared to pay for the value you provide.

The goal of freelancing platforms is to gain trust and positive feedback. One way to get there is to build a strong portfolio and develop a consistent brand for yourself.

Getting Job Offers on Social Media Platforms

When it comes to using the internet, however, there are no limitations. In addition to registering and building your profile on dedicated freelancing platforms, you can connect with clients via social media platforms and get busy with your IDEs.

For example, LinkedIn is a social media platform that lets you create an online resume, market your skills, and connect with potential and current clients. Many employers use the platform to hire remote programmers, and you can apply for any of these coding jobs or gigs at any time.

In addition to LinkedIn, you can find work on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, how you market yourself and interact with clients is what matters most.

2. Internet-based programming tutorials

Many people want to learn to code and are willing to pay for a professional tutor to help them. As a result, posting long and short tutorial videos online is another smart way to make money from coding.

On learning platforms like Udemy, tutors can create free teaching accounts, organize courses, and sell them to their audience. New and even some experienced programmers use platforms like YouTube to solve coding problems.

The majority of these teaching platforms cater to a large organic audience. If you put in a lot of effort and are consistent, you’ll gain an audience and start getting paid.

While some online tutoring platforms require a good microphone, which can be expensive, starting a YouTube channel and posting videos is free. To begin uploading videos to YouTube, you don’t even need a camera. To begin, all you’ll need is a good screen recorder and, ideally, a clean microphone to improve the quality of your voice. You will, however, be able to acquire more advanced streaming tools as you progress along the line.

In addition to making money, organizing online tutorials exposes you to new challenges and allows you to learn more about what you teach. By putting yourself out there, you can also establish a brand. Some of your audience may approach you for a side gig along the way.

3. Develop enterprise applications and APIs that are useful.

Although creating innovative enterprise apps and APIs may appear to be a long-term project, it is well worth the effort. It appears to be a promising way to make money while sleeping.

APIs and enterprise apps, on the other hand, need to solve a specific problem to be successful and attract more users. Otherwise, it’s not worth it. Despite the fact that the majority of APIs are open-source, some, such as security tokens, require users to pay a fee.

Keep in mind that when you launch your tool, it will be relatively unknown. As a result, immediately charging users for it may deter them from using it. However, you can offer them a free trial, and if they find it useful, some users will be willing to pay for it.

Because you’re the developer, you won’t have to pay anyone to do the work for you during the development phase of APIs and enterprise apps. To get it ready for deployment and marketing, all you need is some seed money. After all, you’re confident that you’ll earn passive income in the future, so taking the risk is worthwhile.

One way to promote your enterprise app is to advertise for traffic on various platforms. To make money once people start using it, you should consider putting basic and premium values on it.

4. Start your own coding blog.

If you enjoy writing, you can put your skills to good use by writing blog posts about coding solutions. It’s yet another way for a programmer to break up the monotony.

Although monetizing your blog is a long-term project, it is one worth pursuing, especially if you enjoy writing. In addition to generating direct income, writing about coding can lead to opportunities for collaboration with other programmers online.

However, you don’t need a blog to publish coding articles online. Some well-known publishers will compensate you for your contributions to their blogs. Once you brush up on your technical writing skills and your ability to simplify complex topics through writing, you can contact a few of them online.

5. Develop open-source programming software

Open-source software can help you increase your productivity. Python and C++ are two languages that can be used to create tools and modules for data science and machine learning. Then you can make them available as open-source plugins for software like Excel, Tableau, and Microsoft PowerBI.

You can even make free coding tools for specific languages to assist other programmers with software development and deployment.

After all, open-source tools aren’t meant to make money for their creators. If yours, on the other hand, is one-of-a-kind and has the potential to generate a lot of interest, you have a few monetization options.

Technical support and plugin support, for example, can be included in the license purchase category. That isn’t to say that users aren’t free to use the tool as they see fit. Existing tools include Sublime Text and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms like WordPress.

Another option is to accept support funding for your open-source tool. This may enable you to make money from people who do not want you to stop providing your service. It enables you to offer all features for free while also generating revenue.

6. Take part in coding challenges and competitions

Participating in online coding challenges is a good idea whether you’re new to coding or not. Competitions allow you to not only make quick cash, but also to put your skills to the test and learn about new opportunities.

There are numerous coding challenge websites where you can earn money by winning a coding challenge or solving a problem in an original way.

These competitions not only allow you to earn money, but they also allow you to exercise critical thinking. As a result, they might be able to help you come up with new ideas and programming innovations.

7. Make money by selling e-books in different languages.

It’s probably time to sell an ebook if you’re an expert in a specific programming language and can put words together to create a teachable curriculum.

Such books are preferred by many newcomer and experienced programmers because they are more useful and accessible when needed. You should consider using social media to market such books to your target audience if you write them.

After that, you can sell them on Amazon, eBay, or Bookfinder, among other sites. eBooks, on the other hand, have the potential to reach a wider audience than their printed counterparts.

Take Advantage of Your Coding Skills

Going through technical interviews and coding exams in order to obtain a formal job in a company is fantastic, but it is not for everyone. You can use some of these ideas to supplement your income through coding even if you already have a full-time job.

As previously stated, programming is a valuable skill. There are numerous opportunities available to you if you are determined. So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give them a try.