Today, I am going to show you a strategy that will help you to make $400 to $600 daily in affiliate commissions. I will show you a working offer. I will also show you a working and proving campaign that is already making money daily. 

This method will be a little intense but at the end you will be able to make some chunk of money.

Lets go ahead to start because we have a whole lot to cover today in order to be profitable 

Please Note: and is used here for demonstration purpose and not a recommendation. 

Step 1: Affiliate Networks

Go to an affiliate marketplace website and register with the one that is accepted in your country. See lists of Affiliate Networks Here 

Step 2: Affiliate Products 

Select a product or offer that has a good gravity and average conversion. (please note that this method can be used for any affiliate offer or services) 

Step 3: Product website

Here I will use as an example of the product which I have selected to promote. We want to start promoting a product or offer that will convert. 

The big question is: How do we know this product or offer will convert?

The simple answer is through the gravity of the product. Now, how do we really confirm this?

Step 4: Similarweb Statistics

Open a new tab on your web browser and type ( It is used for domains and website statistics. 


It’s a paid software, but we are going to use the free version for this method. 

Step 5: Information

Copy the domain in Step 3: and paste it in the search box in and click on search. It’s going to give you all the information you need in order to promote the offer or product. 


From the information we got from the site ( it has a monthly traffic of 552.90 thousand visitors.


This means is making a lot of money for its affiliate marketers/digital marketers as seen in the diagram above. 

Similarweb is a very powerful tool for affiliate marketers to do some competitive research. I use it on a daily basis. I highly recommend it to affiliate marketers/digital marketers. 

Now check the referrals, you will see the websites that are referring people to and their percentages.


The first site is: This site contributes 20.31% to


Step 6: Webpage 

Now that we have gotten all the information we need, let’s dig in. click on the first website which is and see how their landing page looks, so that we can replicate it or build something better.

Step 7: Do a search

Open a new tab and type and copy and paste it on the search box so that we can get all the full statistics of the site.


Step 8: Traffic Source

check the traffic source of, you will find out that 71.52% of their traffic comes from social media. 


This is the golden information we need in order to promote the offer or product. 

Step 9: Landing page/Website

we need to build a landing page or a simple website that we are going to use to promote the product or offer. You can use to build a simple landing page for your sales campaign. 

Step 10: Paid Adverts and Free traffic

Offer/product promotion, there are two methods of promotion: Paid Adverts and Free traffic. 

  1. Paid advertisement: you can use social media ads like facebook, instagram, twitter and others. 
  2. Free Traffic: you can also use social media like facebook, to create a facebook page for the offer or product. Join facebook groups that are related to the niche. Join social media, Use pinterest, twitter, Quora and instagram. To learn more on how to get free traffic check this link.

You can contact me for any assistance and I will  be willing to help you.