In this article, we’ll look at why affiliate marketing can be a good way to supplement or even replace your primary source of income.

So you’d like to work from home and earn money on the internet? Do you wish you didn’t have to deal with rush hour, bosses, or alarm clocks? We’ll look at why affiliate marketing might be a good fit for you in this article.

Perhaps you’re looking for extra money or a primary source of income that pays significantly more than your current salary. Whatever it is, if you are willing to put forth some effort, you can achieve it. Because, contrary to what you may have read on the internet, there is no such thing as guaranteed wealth.

But how much time and effort would a traditional business require of you? The solution entails a lot more than just having an online presence. To run an online business, you don’t even need to leave your computer.

Not only that, but there is a huge financial gap. You’ll need thousands of pounds to get started offline, but online, you can get started with hosting for around £10, (BlueHost is highly recommended) a month and a domain name for just £10 a year.


That’s a lot of fun. Every successful affiliate marketer started their online business the same way. They’ll need a website, a willingness to learn, and the understanding that they’ll get out of it what they put into it.

But here’s the thing: affiliate marketing is a one-of-a-kind business model. It’s the simplest, safest, and most flexible way to make money online.



Using tools like WordPress, which can now be set up in just a few hours, can save you days.


You can quickly get your site up and running, then grow it at your leisure. You don’t need your own products, payment processing, on-site help, or to deal with deliveries, payments, or returns, all of which would take months to set up. Affiliate marketing is something you can get started with right now.


We’re talking about building a solid business, not something that will quickly become outdated or result in you being blacklisted by search engines. What’s the point of putting everything together only to have to start over when what you thought was a quick way to make money online vanishes overnight? Having your own website can help you avoid all of this.

There is no such thing as a “push button” solution, so anyone who claims to have one is lying. Also, do not believe anyone who tells you that you do not require a website.

You run the risk of being blocked or shut down if you promote on other sites. You’ll need your own online real estate to avoid any problems.

Once you’ve chosen a niche, networks like Clicksure offer a wide range of affiliate products from which you can profit.

The offers you promote will grow in tandem with your website, resulting in additional revenue streams. You can also branch out into different niches, which you will most likely want to do once you see how easy it is to get your website up and running.

Creating your own website is the most effective way to expand your affiliate business online. It’s also a lot quicker and easier to set up than you might expect.

The simplicity of affiliate marketing

You create “affiliate programme” with affiliate marketing and choose products to promote on your site that are relevant to your content.

Simply put, if someone purchases something after clicking through from your site, the company, or “merchant,” is willing to compensate you.

You create a simple link on your website that, when clicked, identifies you as the person who referred a customer to the merchant’s website. If that visitor makes a purchase, you will be paid a commission. How much does it cost? This varies, ranging from 4% to 75% of the total sale. You are usually paid bi-weekly or monthly based on previous period sales.

Affiliate marketing is unlike any other opportunity available online.

Selling other people’s products online using only a website link earns you a commission. You are not required to interact with customers. There was no face-to-face communication, phone calls, emails, or any other form of contact.

Essentially, you’re an unidentified “agent” for the company or merchant selling the goods. You don’t need inventory or a physical location; all you need is a computer and access to the internet.

On the internet, there are thousands of affiliate programmes to choose from. You can promote millions of products in almost any niche you can think of as an affiliate.

How serious you take it determines how much money you make. Remember, it’s your company, and if you treat it with respect, it has the potential to change your life. Affiliates can earn millions of pounds per year or as little as £50 per month. It is what you put into it that determines what you will get out of it.

A growing number of teenagers are successfully running online businesses from their bedrooms, according to a recent nationwide survey in the United Kingdom. 21,000 teenagers earn more than £60,000 (approximately $95,000) per year, nearly three times the average UK salary. These figures only scratch the surface of the service, as the internet has produced more millionaires than any other business channel in recent years.

Helen Southgate, BSkyB’s senior online marketing manager and chair of the IAB’s affiliate marketing council, is eager to allay the fears of those wary of web-based income schemes: ‘Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to generate an income from online advertising, regardless of the size of your business,’ she says. ‘It has gained prominence and is well-liked by key advertisers ranging from large corporations to small businesses.’

What is the most effective way to begin affiliate marketing?

You’ll need your own website to do this properly. A domain name costs around $10 per year, and hosting costs around $10 per month (BlueHost). That’s all there is to it; you won’t have to pay anything else to get going. Once you have this, you can create your website using WordPress, which is included with your hosting.

WordPress is ideal for beginners because it does not require any programming or HTML knowledge to set up a website. It’s simple to set up on your domain with a few clicks, and you can easily add posts, images, and other content using the word processor-like interface.

There are also a plethora of professional-looking WordPress themes that can instantly transform your site into exactly what you want it to be. Then you’ll need website content, which is easy to come up with if you do some Google research on your niche.

You can learn from others’ experiences and rewrite reviews for products in your niche because product reviews make for great content. Then you’ll have to market your products.

You can either go it alone and join a bunch of affiliate programmes, or you can join an affiliate network that has a bunch of niche products in one place.

ClickSure is a well-known affiliate network, and Clickbank, a digital-products-focused affiliate network, is another option. On your website, there are tens of thousands of items to promote.

clickbank affiliate

You can promote a wide range of products on CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction). Not only do they work with digital products and niches, but they also work with a variety of other products and industries.


Amazon Associates is a programme that allows you to make money by promoting any of the company’s products. You can do the same on eBay if you prefer to work with well-known brands.

Once your website is up and running with content and affiliate links, you simply keep updating it and start attracting visitors. This is far too broad a topic to cover in this article, but most people start with social media and creating high-quality, long-form, useful content that is picked up and ranked in search engines for free traffic.

So, to sum it up…

You build a website based on a ‘niche.’ A few of the topics covered include weight loss, football, dog training, internet marketing, and software. The list could go on forever.

You seek out affiliate-friendly products that are both relevant and useful to your niche.

  • Get your own unique link, banners, and other promotional materials.
  • Use them to link to the products mentioned in your reviews and blog posts.
  • You profit when they buy.

Real estate, inventory, employees, transportation, equipment, resources, and capital are not required. Employees, customers, returns, complaints, and refunds are not your responsibility. You are, for all intents and purposes, anonymous.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start earning money from home without having to create your own products or deal with customers.

It’s very affordable to get started, and the benefits of putting in a little effort can be significant.