Do you want to start a blog but don’t know what to write about or what niche to focus on?

If you choose the right niche for your blog, it will be easier to create engaging content and even make money online.

We’ll show you how to pick the best blogging niche for you to start making money online in this article.

What is a blog?

A blog is a website that is regularly updated with new content, most commonly written articles. “Posts” are what these are called, and they appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top.


When blogs first became popular, they were primarily personal diaries in which the writer shared information on a variety of topics of personal interest.

Some blogs continue to operate in this manner, but many more now concentrate on specific niches in which the blogger and their target audience are interested.

For example, Boonacle is a blog dedicated to helping non-technical users get more out of Digital Marketing through tutorials, how-to make money online and other articles.

What Is the Best Way to Begin a Blog?

To start a blog, you’ll need three things:

  • A domain name is the address of your website (ours is
  • The storage of your website on the internet so that visitors can access it is known as web hosting.
  • A blogging platform ( is a piece of software that enables you to create a blog quickly and easily without knowing how to code.

The cost of a domain name is usually $8-10 per year, and web hosting starts at $7.95 per year.

That’s a significant investment, especially if you’re just starting out.

Bluehost has kindly agreed to provide our users with a free domain name as well as a significant hosting discount. In essence, you can get started for $2.75 per month.

You have a lot of options when it comes to your blog platform, including many excellent free options.

If you want to make money from your blog in the near future, however, is the best option (this is what we use on Boonacle).

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It’s easy to use and comes with a variety of design options and add-ons. Above all, it gives you total control over how you monetize your blog.

Is Blogging a Profitable Business?

Starting a blog won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but it can help you supplement your income.

Many well-known blogs monetize their sites in a variety of ways. “Monetizing” your blog is the term used to describe this process.

Smaller blogs that cater for a specific audience can easily bring in some extra cash. Many well-known blogs generate six- and even seven-figure incomes.

Here are a few of the most common monetization strategies used by blogs all over the world.

Displaying advertisements is what advertising entails, and it’s usually done through an ad network like Google AdSense. Some bloggers, on the other hand, sell ads to businesses directly.

Sponsorship: Using content that has been sponsored (paid for) by an advertiser. Sponsored blog posts are the most common example, but it could also be Instagram or other social media posts.

When you link to products or services that pay you a commission if someone buys something after clicking on your link, you’re doing affiliate marketing. This is an excellent way to monetize your blog. To assist you, we have a number of affiliate marketing tips and tools.

Ebooks, online courses, printables, apps, software, music, and other digital products are all available for purchase. Digital products are low-cost to operate and can be used in virtually any niche.

Offering your services on your blog can be a great way to make money if you’re a writer, photographer, coach, or other professional. You could even promote an existing service, such as logo design or freelance writing, through a blog.

Physical products: Despite their higher costs than digital products, physical products can be a great way to make money. It’s easy to set up an online store on your WordPress blog and start selling.

Consider the Following When Choosing a Blogging Niche

Many new blogs die within a few weeks, and the vast majority die within a month. Make sure you’re passionate about the subject of your chosen blogging niche. If you did this, it would be easier to stick to it and stay motivated.

It’s also important to consider:

Do you know enough about your subject to write confidently? You don’t have to be an expert to start a blog, but it’s best to choose a topic about which you can write without doing a lot of research.

Is there a way to make a lot of money in your field? While blogs covering a wide range of topics can and do make money, some niches are far more lucrative than others. A blog about a niche or uninteresting topic may not attract enough readers to make a lot of money.

Have you decided on the right size niche for you? It’s best not to expand your horizons too far. If you aim for an audience of “everyone,” you’re more than likely to get “no one.” Look for a sub-niche that fits your personality.

Are you proud of the fact that your name has become synonymous with your profession? If you want to blog anonymously, that’s fine, but you might find it difficult to monetize.

The Most Profitable Blogging Niche

You might already have a blog topic in mind, or you might be at a loss for what to write about. As long as you choose a topic that you are passionate about, any of the niches listed below are worthwhile to pursue.

All of these are large, well-known niches that have been around for a long time and can bring in a lot of money.

1. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are huge topics, and if you blog about one of them, you’ll almost certainly find a readership.

Health and fitness is one of the most popular blogging topics. There will be a slew of blogs vying for your attention because it is a lucrative niche.

Focusing on your general interests is the simplest way to develop your voice.

You could approach it from a number of angles:

Paleo, gluten-free, raw food, 5:2, keto, and other diets are among the options.

Running, weightlifting, or CrossFit are examples of specific types of exercise…

Women, men, the young, the old, the geeky… a specific demographic

Unique approaches to health include homoeopathy, acupuncture, and wellness.

You could keep readers up to date on your progress and share what you’ve learned if you’re on your own health journey.

We’ve put together a list of the best WordPress gym themes for you. Many of them could be used for other health or fitness-related topics as well, so check them out to see if one of them is right for your blog.

2. Business and Marketing

There are numerous blogs devoted to business and marketing issues. If you’ve done a lot of reading about blogging, it may appear that every popular blog has something to say about blogging, marketing, or business development!

If you have a business or marketing background, starting a blog in this niche could be a great idea. This, like the others on our list, is a huge niche, so you’ll need to find a clear focus and voice for your own blog.

Depending on your expertise and interests, you could blog about the following topics:

When you market to other businesses, you’re doing B2B (business-to-business) marketing.

Marketing to consumers (B2C) (business-to-consumer)

The process of starting and growing a business is known as entrepreneurship.

Small businesses: This is an excellent sector to target as more people turn to self-employment.

Specific types of marketing or marketing areas include networking, social media marketing, copywriting, direct response marketing, and so on.

Tip: For your business or marketing website, you could use almost any of these multi-purpose WordPress themes. Divi is an excellent choice because it is fully responsive and can be customised to your liking.

3. Technology and Gaming

Affiliate income, whether directly from manufacturers and software companies or through a website like Amazon, is a great way to make money in the fast-paced technology niche.

Your best monetization options are likely to be advertising and affiliate marketing. A technology or gaming blog will provide you with numerous opportunities to link to products or software through affiliate links, even if you don’t write in-depth product reviews.

There are plenty of topics to write about in this niche, even if you won’t be able to break industry news or provide insider information.

Specific equipment or gadgets include phone handsets, digital cameras, fitness trackers, Chromebooks, and so on.

Console games, PC games, smartphone games, and Facebook games…

Tutorials can be tailored to a specific piece of software (such as Photoshop) or they can be more general.

The most recent news usually concerns a specific company or product type.

Technology or gaming appeals to a specific demographic, such as teenagers or baby boomers.

Step-by-step instructions can be found in our beginner’s affiliate marketing guide.

4. Travel

The final niche on our list is travel. It’s a hugely popular niche among bloggers and readers, and there are many different approaches you can take to make a successful blog.

Through affiliate links to hotels, suggested travel purchases, and other methods, blogging about your own travels could earn you money. You might even be able to take advantage of free vacations as a result of it.

Great photos, of course, are an important part of your travel blog. Even if you’re just writing about local attractions, people will want to see pictures.

In your travel blog, write about the following topics:

  • What to do in specific countries or continents, where to eat, and how to get around…
  • Families, solo female travellers, digital nomads, and so on are all examples of different types of travellers.
  • Flights, hotels, and vacation packages are all on sale…

It will be easier to monetize your own travels if you have a central theme or brand.

Take a look at some other popular blogging niches.

Of course, these aren’t the only options for making a lot of cash. On almost any topic you can think of, there are successful bloggers.

Perhaps none of the ideas we’ve discussed are a good fit for you. Don’t force yourself to start a blog about a topic about which you aren’t enthusiastic.

Here are a few more good choices to think about. They’re all in a position to profit handsomely.

Crafts-related blog

Why don’t you start a blog dedicated to your favourite hobby? Why not start a blog about what you like to knit, paint, sew, make jewellery, or do anything else? There are a lot of great crafty blogs out there, and they’re especially popular on Pinterest.

Just like in other highly visual niches like fashion, lifestyle, and travel, you’ll need to be able to include great photos. You could make money by selling your handcrafted items on Etsy or by using affiliate links to any crafting tools and supplies you want to promote.

Home improvement-related blog

Do you enjoy renovating and decorating your home? Maybe you’ve even gone so far as to completely remodel or rebuild your home. There are numerous DIY blogs available, and if you enjoy writing tutorials and “how-to” articles, this is an excellent type of blogging to pursue.

Parenting-related blog

Do you have any children of your own? There are thousands of parenting blogs available, each covering a different topic. While you may think the market for mommy bloggers is saturated, the audience for parenting blogs is so large that it is well worth your time.

To make your parenting blog stand out, you’ll need a unique perspective. You could write for a specific group of parents or about a specific stage of parenting (such as parenting toddlers) (like older parents or teen parents).

Education-related blog

Is there a subject about which you have a lot of knowledge and could teach others? That could be a great niche for you to pursue.

If you’re a dedicated amateur photographer, for example, you could create detailed tutorials for newcomers. If you’re a seasoned developer, you might be able to help those who are just learning to code.

It’s almost always a good way to monetize sites that teach people how to do something by selling ebooks, online courses, or other information products.

Tip: By combining your blog posts with the creation and sale of online courses, you can make a lot of money.

Finding the Best Blogging Niche:


You could spend an eternity deciding which blogging niche is best for you. You could also start a blog and make good money from it in six months or a year.

To begin, choose a niche that interests you and ensure that you understand how to profit from it.

Then, pick a domain name that corresponds to your blog’s theme.

Finally, open a hosting account and register your domain name. Bluehost is a good choice because it costs only $2.75 per month and includes a free domain name.

When it comes to getting your blog up and running, that’s all there is to it.

We hope that this article has helped you figure out which blogging niche is best for monetizing your blog. Our list of money-making online business ideas and our article on how to increase blog traffic may also be of interest to you.